There have been taken serious work on Landscaping, residential area was fenced limestone fences and floors carefully leveled and cleared of stones. At the heart of the ancient settlement of men equipped for the deepening of the hearth. In addition, the prehistoric engineers managed to create an ingenious system of drainage through the construction of grooves and slopes. Thanks to the floors cave settlement (and it can be called a small village) will always remain dry. Where most of our ancestors to equip Sleeping well – transform the dugout.

A slight depression in the ground with the established canopy of branches and animal skins served as an acceptable refuge for old people rarely have been substantially delayed in one place. Notch carefully tramp, sometimes covered with clay. Above, seems to fit into bundles of grass or brushwood that covers skins. It turned out a comfortable place to stay for a few people, such as family group. As further development of human culture was divided into two groups: nomads and farmers. For the first of these, the most important mobility was caused by the need to follow the steps of: their houses and are variants of primitive camping. Over centuries of evolution they have become extremely functional and comfortable homes, are, for example, yurts and plague. Impressive transformation took place and the floor, managing to be mobile: so far, For example, plague nation nangasan (Taimyr) equipped with a wooden collapsible floors, which are carried on sleds. In the assembled state are covered by stitched fur bedspreads.