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Fireplace In A Wooden House

Each domaobladatelyu own wishes to create a cozy and warm interior. The epitome of comfort and beauty of a fireplace. So nice to come back from a walk, frozen, brewed delicious tea and sit down with a favorite book by the fireplace. A it's nice to meet his family in the evenings at home and communicate on different topics. If your house is built of stone, it does not raise any questions about installing a fireplace in your living room. And what do the people who built the wooden house and also want to make coziness in my house through the fireplace? Some thought that the erection of a fireplace in a wooden house is extremely dangerous.

And it is not surprising, as the construction of houses Wood is a definite fire hazard. After unsuccessfully dropped match, nepotushennaya cigarette or a spark of fire could cause a fire. If the first two cases we are talking about what vigilance must be the masters, in the second case the responsibility of people, establishing a fireplace and projecting its location. Installing a fireplace, made properly, will provide a safe and enjoyable accommodation, as well as the safe operation of the fireplace in any environment, regardless of how brightly lit the flame, or how close to him are children and pets. Observe the rules of operation at this you need to follow are simple rules that will provide you with positive emotions from the use of fire: Do not allow the close proximity of fabrics and flammable items next to the fireplace. The house, which houses a fireplace, be sure to fire extinguisher.

All family members should be familiar with the rules of fire safety. Features Installation When installing the fireplace must comply with certain usloviya.Pri construction of a wooden house interior wall fireplace should be isolated. Most often used for this purpose foil insulation. At the same time, it is necessary to protect the ceiling. For this purpose, installation of drywall partitions, additional coverage in the grate at a distance of about 50 cm from the ceiling. Floor in front of the fireplace should be finished with ceramic tiles, and in the manufacture of the chimney should be applied multilayer sandwich panels. Do not forget about the structural features of the building. For example, if your house is rebuilt from the logs, rather than of laminated veneer lumber, then over time the house will necessarily shrink. In this case, leave large gaps between the ceiling and a fireplace. Fireplaces are classified by location and are divided into: front – this fireplaces classical type, which are arranged around the walls; corner is a fireplace that located in a corner and have a triangular shape. This invention of resourceful people in order to save space. Used increasingly for urban apartments than for houses, single-a fireplace that stands autonomously without touching walls. This is not an option in order to save space. If you decide to install a fireplace in his wooden house, follow the safety rules, and then in a wooden structure of your fireplace is as safe as it is in brick building.


There have been taken serious work on Landscaping, residential area was fenced limestone fences and floors carefully leveled and cleared of stones. At the heart of the ancient settlement of men equipped for the deepening of the hearth. In addition, the prehistoric engineers managed to create an ingenious system of drainage through the construction of grooves and slopes. Thanks to the floors cave settlement (and it can be called a small village) will always remain dry. Where most of our ancestors to equip Sleeping well – transform the dugout.

A slight depression in the ground with the established canopy of branches and animal skins served as an acceptable refuge for old people rarely have been substantially delayed in one place. Notch carefully tramp, sometimes covered with clay. Above, seems to fit into bundles of grass or brushwood that covers skins. It turned out a comfortable place to stay for a few people, such as family group. As further development of human culture was divided into two groups: nomads and farmers. For the first of these, the most important mobility was caused by the need to follow the steps of: their houses and are variants of primitive camping. Over centuries of evolution they have become extremely functional and comfortable homes, are, for example, yurts and plague. Impressive transformation took place and the floor, managing to be mobile: so far, For example, plague nation nangasan (Taimyr) equipped with a wooden collapsible floors, which are carried on sleds. In the assembled state are covered by stitched fur bedspreads.