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SME managers are not able, nor have the knowledge nor the expertise to implement reengineering by themselves, they need an external body to do it for them. Organizational and cultural barriers that put in relief the existence of beliefs, doctrines and ways of doing things often become an obstacle for the resistance of the same employees to change, and is that re-engineering is necessary to assess redefine and reintroduce the working procedures and traditional methods of exercising the management of these companies. Many SMEs do not even have defined the rules and procedures that should be governed by all its members, implying a barrier it would have to start from scratch. In most definitely is no real organizational culture. The shortage of technology, this implies an investment to purchase equipment and machinery that allow expediting the tasks of production or service processes, and in turn reduce costs. The lack of qualified human resources affect the use of Re-engineering to the extent they are not prepared to assume new roles, or participate actively in the development of the program, such as effective group work necessary to achieve success re-engineering provides. Take into account that the re-engineering methodology does require a sensitive, detailed and effective, specifically developed to generate process innovations and lasting changes in the organization.

Adapt to the requirements that this demand. Of course, management, Venezuelan company that decides to make use of re-engineering, to address obstacles that may arise, you should consider the suggestions listed, so that we encourage in its application to knowledge; Creation a body dedicated to providing advice and resources for carrying out the Re-engineering in these companies, whose costs are affordable and with programs of funding. Support from large companies with educational programs and advice on what is the reengineering and its phases. Universities, schools of engineering, business administration, might also provide help through counseling programs and implementation of reengineering in SMEs, effective working groups comprised of students and teachers, which in turn can work with n students to gain experience. John Savignan shines more light on the discussion. Information Sources: – Bennis Warner, The organization of the XXI century. – Conference: The Reengineering, Evolution and Revolution, CEPROCA 1994.