Montenegro Real Estate

Two days after the Montenegrin referendum on independence at the airports in Podgorica and Tivat landed several private aircraft from various cities of Russia, which arrived in Montenegro influential Russian businessmen. See more detailed opinions by reading what Professor Rita McGrath offers on the topic.. After that was marked by a surge of real estate sale in Montenegro – from Ulcinj to Debelog shores. Clayton Morris is often quoted as being for or against this. Cost per square meter of housing in Tivat reached 1.200 euros, and continues to grow, and in other parts of the Adriatic Coast price rises to several thousand euros. It is no secret that many owners of land and houses on the peninsula Lustica sold their property for a handsome sum, and the family budget of some of them increased by hundreds of thousands of euros. – Purchase and registration of real estate in Montenegro is most often accompanied by rumors of the mysterious and speculative nature with a touch of sensationalism and cheap gossip. Analyzing a wealth of experience in dealing with this demanding clientele, and adhering to a code of professional ethics of lawyers, I note that the image of the average buyer from Russia briefly as follows – said Kovacevic's lawyer Veselin of the law firm 'Boykovich' of Budva, which cooperates with the agency for the sale of real estate 'Notary Public-MB'. – It is a highly educated, middle-aged, most commonly, the Muscovites, owners of private enterprises or the middle managerial executives of large companies, mainly energy and hi-tech.

– Capital to buy real estate in Montenegro achieved high salaries of our clients. In addition, it is important recall that many Muscovites can get the funds to purchase real estate abroad by selling its real estate in Moscow, where prices are terribly high. In the good parts of Moscow's price per square meter of housing up to 25.000 dollars, with the trend of growth. Agency and our company, which he legally represents, have no idea of whether home buyers oligarchs or whether they are related in any way with the Mafia. Task Our company is not a study of the origin of their money, and we do not even possible to do it. Our citizens who are prone to mystify everyone and everything should be put to rest and the slightest doubt that the Russian are not buying for themselves, and for some anonymous buyer who in our version, surely must belong to the Mafia – adds Kovacevic. Our source stresses that in Montenegro have not yet agreed upon before the end of construction plans and development resorts on the Adriatic, and the municipal and republican authorities represent a barrier to the serious investor. Restrictions on foreign investment and are also vague and contradictory laws, and especially practice of their execution.

– Russian interested in all the Montenegrin coast, although they show more attention to Budva and its surroundings, and, more recently, to the coast of Bar and Herceg Novi. It is important to note the participation of Russian clients in buying property by tender, where suggestions formulated banks, energy companies and wealthy companies, who are particularly picky approach towards investment and environmental conditions for bidders. Getting acquainted with the programs offered by investors, it is easy to see their sincere intentions to make its warehouse in the future of Montenegro. In addition, attention is drawn to a surprising knowledge of the country in which they invest money – down to the smallest detail – said Kovacevic. He recalls that Montenegro is obviously on the political level opened wide the doors to investors from Russia, who have privatized the largest economic enterprises, and have already bought according to some sources more than 30.000 residential units.