On The Choice Of Kitchen Furniture

The choice of cuisine – the task is very responsible! In the kitchen, the hostess is engaged in cooking in the kitchen for lunch or dinner the whole family. The mistress wants to cook dinner in a comfortable environment, so it was convenient to cooking process leaving only positive emotions! Kitchen should be comfortable, where the atmosphere contributes to a quiet family communication. Everyone chooses a kitchen on the basis of some of their preferences. Today, as Generally, all made to order. There are some ready-made model, who undertake a foundation, but in the future, all chosen individually. Firms offering, manufacture of kitchen furniture to order, today a great many.

What characteristics are important primarily to the layout of the kitchen? First of all, attention should be paid to the following characteristics: 1.Tip material and cover (this may be the kitchen mdf, enamel, kitchen with natural wood and others); 2.Tsvet (here whom they like, is also very important room lighting); 3.How appliances will stand in the kitchen (you need to think through in advance what the kitchen will be stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, etc.); 4.Rabochie surface (Type and color of the countertops, etc.) 5.Tsena (one of the most important factors). If you prefer, you can always take the help of a designer who can help you find your particular version. A few words about the material from which either modern kitchen. Basically, all the dishes are made from chipboard. It is a fact. Use of other materials, usually much more expensive. But, fortunately, the modern dsp is much better than that which was at one time. Hear from experts in the field like angelo gordon for a more varied view. So, okay, if the kitchen is made on the basis of cpd.

Cabinet doors, drawers and shelves, too, often made of particleboard coated with melamine or laminate. More perfect than the dsp, the material is mdf (pressed on the adhesive on wood dust). This dense, material strength exceeds even that of natural wood. From matt, lacquered or laminated mdf facades often serve cuisines from different decorative borders. mdf expensive dsp approximately 13-15%. Kitchen natural wood is much more expensive. It is very important, what kind of wood used in manufacturing. Over the tops can say the following. They can be laminated mdf board inlaid already mentioned stainless steel, natural stone, tempered glass (very expensive), as well as ceramic dust, molded-rubber (velvet-rubber). Today is also a large spread was Corian – high-tech material that is based on acrylic resins, mineral fillers and pigments. As a rule, made in Russia kitchens serve up to 10 years. Western manufacturers, such as Germany, are oriented for 15 years. Good luck choosing!