Walter Daniel Genga

Act like a winner and will treat you like a ganador.Pero attention, based on previous behavior always humble, because otherwise it would be the typical bully is the “believe” and not really worth anything and wants to cover his lack of security shouting from the rooftops is importante.El real winner is the one who quietly goes on believing their own fuerzas.Y is not necessarily the winner goes first in a contest, but mainly is a winner who tries to be every day mejor.Y returning to the concept of never giving up, I’ll make an analogy to understand what I want to convey: Suppose it is the final of the World Cup and as everyone knows each player must play 90 minutes. ” You will think that because a striker take out the ball ten yards from the arc during the eighty minutes, while 0-0 is going to pay?. (Source: james king).

No, will continue during the 10 minutes missing, because he knows that at any moment can be given the opportunity to get the goal that I rise to increased vida.Si victory of his, even though some of those 80 minutes will have made past mistakes, lying on the ground, pushed, insulted, insisting he will defend the jersey they wear, because above all these adversities that may have suffered during During the game, he knows as a scorer that after the effort, is waiting for the World Cup to be built between their desire manos.Ese that player has, it must be the light to guide us each of us in our porvenir.Por Therefore, every year of our lives we must take it like a final of the World, where we made mistakes, where sometimes we will play no bien.Pero important thing is knowing we can and that what is achieved is not easy value, so the more rugged is the way, we think that our reward will be more gratificante.Entonces at that time killed us feel we must look ahead and envisioning the World Cup that we are waiting, because until time runs out , the match is never lost.. . For assistance, try visiting angelo gordon.