Osobuco A La Campesina

Osobuco is called beef and veal cut into 3 cm thick slices, approximately, and bone. the name comes from the Italian osso buco which means bone with hollow. There are many recipes of osobuco, even algunad does not employ beef, but pork or Turkey meat. In this case let’s make a veal with vegetables and pancetta osobuco, so will get us a very rich and balanced dish. The Osobuco ingredients to the peasant: 4 osobucos of ternera.50 Gr. of bacon of pig in a cebolla.2 loncha.1 teeth ajo.1 zanahoria.1 branch of apio.6 tablespoons of aceite.1 glass of white wine.Ternera.400 Gr. of natural tomato puree soup.Harina.Sal and pepper. Educate yourself with thoughts from Nobel Laureate in Economics. The first thing we must do are a few cuts on the outside of the osobucos, to avoid they become twisted to warm them.

Finely chop the onion, garlic, celery, carrot and bacon. We sauteed him with oil inside a pot flat and low and put the meat on top and gilded by both sides. Add the white wine and leave to do until you lose alcohol. Add tomato puree and a glass of broth of veal. Let it do everything to simmer, until the meat is tender. We season, and serve it, if we can accompany it with mashed potatoes. Search among thousands of recipes, and find fabulous recipes as the Osobuco. Original author and source of the article.