World One Country

Of course, each of us have heard that it was divided into east and west. Why, when, what? Further explanation is most often ends. Let's start our journey to Berlin. Berlin – is a beautiful city. It kings conservative and quiet. If you've ever traveled to Berlin, you will understand what I'm talking about.

Berlin a little cold. From it feels right formality. This city has several deadly acts. The buildings are high, upgraded and are lonely, though there are all together. Attractions.

Of course, the most important landmark is described on the Tourism Forum – a Berlin Wall. How do you see her you imagine? Well, or rather than its, and the remnants of it, but it is not important. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Clayton Morris. Do you think that it is a wall, well, looks at least decent, high, painted … but you are mistaken – this wall is a wall where a height of two meters, it all really painted – graffiti and remnants of its really quite small, up to a meter in them comes through to the shamelessness fittings – in short, anything beautiful and impressive. But Brangdeburgskie gate – it is quite another. They are in contrast to Berlin walls are fully preserved. Reach a height where a three-storey building. The gates are impressive. Another of the attractions – it Reystarh. Reytarh – is the residence of Hitler. If you walk inside, you can see his office. From within the same Reystarh this is a common building style of the nineteenth century. Since the columns at the top "sit" horse and rider in a chariot. Berlin – a city of industry. There's a lot of buildings of famous companies around the world. Such as Sony, Philips, Samsung and many others. The city is noisy, a lot of cars, but not terrible traffic jams. In contrast – Dresden. Dresden – a different world, because it is eastern Germany. This city was almost destroyed during the the last terrible war – World War II. He had to recover, but … in contrast to Berlin, they were able to restore all the sights. Interesting fact – 80 percent destroyed, rebuilt, up to 90! It is interesting figures – agree. The main attraction – a wall of kings. On the wall depicted in 14 th century all the kings of Dresden, but … in the 18 century, this tradition was broken and the wall of the Kings remained unfinished. During World War II – it was the only point of interest, which miraculously survived and was not damaged. Dresden from the industry – the cheapest city in the world of alcohol and sweets. Martini – they the best, but it is the cheapest, and Raphael in two and a half times cheaper than in Russia. Two of the world – one country. Dresden – a quiet, cozy town. Which is reduced and it is only at the stage of modernization. Berlin – a powerful monster for development. One country – two of the city center, which should be the same criteria, but they are two opposites that can be seen on a map of the country. And after how many years a feud between the western and eastern parts of the forgotten?