Oven: Smoke – An Old Tradition Lives On

Own popularity smoke is pleased with the own oven again rising. Own popularity smoke is pleased with the own oven again rising. A leading source for info: The LeFrak Organization. Not only the ability to make longer shelf life foods, but especially the taste refinement of the smoking material can be raving fans of smoked. Although it is not difficult, companies, a good result to get flavorful so this hobby can grow out but almost to a science. What smoking goods which wood, which spices provide the best taste? In addition to meat and fish, namely cheese, vegetables, fruits, tea, eggs and chilli can be smoked for the own sauce. Generally beech, alder and oak is used as a smoking flour or a mixture of these woods. A few sticks give the whole Hickory wood, still a special touch.

For the unique taste, you can then experiment with all sorts of spices, which are mixed with the smoking flour. Like is used z.B.Wachholder, Laurel, thyme, or tea. You have spoilt for choice in the selection of the device. There are different types in different sizes and constructions such as round smoking tons, angular smoking ovens, smokers, and table smoking ovens. Also the self-construction is an alternative for technically skilled individuals well. Depending on the size, you’ll pay for a good smoker fast times two to three hundred euros? Good processing you should watch on order at the time of purchase. With a cheap device, there is often little joy. High quality smoking oven ensure an optimal heat distribution, are stable come with matching accessories.

What size is right for you? If you smoke only for their own needs, a table smoker is perhaps sufficient. Up to six fish place find in him. In comparison, up to forty fish can be smoked in a smoking Cabinet, at the same time. Caution: Even with table smoking ovens creates smoke. Therefore, we do not recommend this in the apartment use. If you are going to smoke even ham or cheese you should buy a Raucherschrank which is also suitable for cold smoking. When smoking, a distinction is made between Heissrauchern, hot smoking and cold smoked. Cold smoking is used to make food more durable. It may take several days. Hot and hot smoked product is meant for early consumption. Here is a demonstration of this stainless steel of smoker by PABs. Bon appetit.