Johnny Simmons

A British newspaper has published photos of the couple kissing in the street. Emma Watson and Johnny Simmons met during the filming of a movie. Rumors pointed to a relationship between the saga of Harry Potter, Emma Watson actress and also actor Johnny Simmons and finally has been a kiss in the street which has confirmed the relationship. Thus it has been seen to the couple in some pictures published by Daily Mail along with his cast mate. The couple had already given that talk, because of their walks together with sportswear, its many glances and their samples of affection. She defined it as a bad player love but that already seems to be part of the past. The tender image published by the British journal evidencing that Johnny Simmons has managed to undo those bad thoughts. The pair of lovebirds met during the filming of The Perks of Being a Wallflower and since then has seen it many times, although it has been is the first that dared to make a demonstration of affection so effusive. We do not know if the potions and spells that Emma was playing in the past along with Harry Poter will have had something to do with this new love, but judging by the images published in Great Britain both are enchanted with the other. Source of the news: Emma Watson and Johnny Simmons confirm their relationship with a kiss in the street