Page Rank

Nothing is forever. In a question-answer forum Gavin Baker was the first to reply. Failure to maintain an attitude of constant struggle to position the site will not be long until our competitors exceeded. The ability to be found in search engines, then, depends on the classical and traditional SEO: optimize your sites, improved usability, improvement of the keywords, increase links from other sites with good Page Rank. Oh, I forgot. This semantic network, none of the above shall have the desired effect if your site provides content relevant, interesting to readers, with semantically related keywords, and regularly renewed. In short, this is what it will achieve a good organic positioning, and place it in the top ten SERPs.

Found in social networks As mentioned, users increasingly use social networking, especially Twitter and Facebook, to find information. How is this you may be asking those who are not very twitter habits. Twitter has recently improved its search capabilities to organize and categorize the information entered by its 75 million users. Therefore, it is possible search by keywords, but not just any keyword. The key words in Twitter are marked with the symbol. In addition, key phrases are no spaces on Twitter, so for example web pages.

For these reasons, it is necessary to provide the tweets of “findability”, not just tweeting the links or the info that interests us, but do not forget to mark our # key terms, such as Single on Twitter, but everywhere, create accounts with usernames representative, if possible. It is always better “Industrial refrigeration”. Complete profiles on social networking accounts. This is really important. Do not forget enter your website, and description, if possible. Consider your Facebook page as part of your website. Get to promote it, and to derive traffic to it. It is not just an accessory, an important part of arsenal channels corporate communication. The idea is to participate, but how we can make a big difference in the ability of our potential customers to find us.