Features Google Internet Business

Analysis & Features Google Google was founded in September 1998 by two Stanford Ph.D. students, their goal was to get relevant information from a large amount of data. They created an algorithm to search for data (PageRank). This technology later became the heart that would do work at Google. In January 1996 began their collaboration on a search engine called BackRub on which Google would be built later. AOL / Netscape selected Google as its search service, reaching more than 3 million searches per day.

On September 21, 1999 Google.com definitely faded label that identified him as a beta version. Since then, Google continues to grow and improve its search technology. Google Being a private company comes from its economic power to monetize the information through Adsense. This allows you to place ads on a website not too aggressive that correspond to the question, allowing any webmaster to receive ads from Google network of clients related to its content. Characteristics of your database is currently considering four computer database of the world’s largest, with 8,000 million Web pages indexed in its database, with the World Data Center for Climate the largest of the actualidad.Segun a report published by the newspaper 20minutes (see bibliography) Compared with Altavista, Hotbot or MSN, Google database is almost 2.5 times higher, this is because Google is constantly including content using the robots that crawl the Web regularly, renewing and ordering the Google index. The spider’s longest Googlebot crawling the network is responsible for collecting the links then appear on Google.