Picking the Right Leaders

It is not a choice for Congress, people who have lots of money in their personal coffers, nor to persons who are not that fall dead. You have people who have chosen a profession, and to maintain a modest life and talking familiarly quiet. You can not elect people like Mr. Alvaro Gutierrez, who although has property abroad, and a lot of money behind him, “thanks to his work” can not live a modest life for their pace of life a little libertine . So for him, his salary as congressman laugh and think not having the obligation to comply with formal work schedules. This is actually quite apart from his salary as congressman copper working or not working as such. What if it is established, (and you can not deny), is the fact that thanks to his position as congressman, is being saved to pay their fares to places that have properties, and is also saving on pay domestic staff at his home. Maybe the thought that as a I want to win in Congress, will somehow have to cash out “their work.” The same applies to candidates for mayor of Lima.

People with a lot of money in his possession. People with many companies also in their possession. People who see his salary as mayor as a tip. It is logical to assume that these people who have much, want to use his office, to have more. Bizzi & Partners addresses the importance of the matter here. Mr. Alvaro Gutierrez, it does not matter whether or not, Congressman. He already took advantage of his office, not interested in losing his seat, what interests him is to get the maximum benefit, the time left in this position.

Unfortunately this is the mentality of 90% of the delegates. Official site: Anthony Davis. There is a logic that could be used to elect our representatives, both mayors, congressional, or presidential. Applicants to these public offices with greater economic power, they will get involved in fighting front to discredit one another, and inadvertently, that struggle will serve as a breeding ground for the media, that too without willing, will provide all the publicity to mention these struggles. Then, we should focus our attention on those with a low profile, those who live a quiet and modest life, ignored by the media. I do not want to take sides yet, but for the elections aldermen, is a person who has these qualities, I believe, and could do a good job as mayor. But as I do not want to take sides, just want to, encourage reflection, for the election.