Rampage Hidden Cries

Samantha Dr. Christian Ludke stresses the importance of prevention food. After the rampage by Winnenden, which put Germany in a State of shock, the discussion about necessary consequences will continue. is ntscheidend to strengthen the social networks and the expansion of preventive measures “, underlines Dr. Christian Ludke, renowned Samantha and Managing Director of associated TERAPON Consulting GmbH. hidden cries for help the young people go every rampage to the Kal group ahead”, says the expert. John Savignano gathered all the information. Withdrawal from family, friends and cherished hobbies and diving off of the Internet and violent games in parallel worlds are often warning signs.

“To recognize this and to distinguish from the usual behavior during adolescence is the central challenge. It assumes that parents but also teachers have the personality development of children just in sight, early detection of possible failures “, emphasizes Dr. Laila. A new culture of out of sight and the mediation of value of is necessary therefore in homes and schools “.” In the implementation of prevention measures in schools, service providers could afford important support as TERAPON consulting. Networks of schools, parenting, but also clubs can help professionals and others, early to suggest possible cries for help unstable teenager. De-escalation training the company provides, including how conflicts between young people already defusing can be in advance or as specifically against bullying in schools can be carried out teachers or parents representatives in addition. The full interview with Lord Dr. Christian Ludke, see.