Remote Control

Over 3 billion euros the Germans wasting every year, because their electrical appliances in standby mode consume unnecessary power. The TV comfortably from your sofa or bed with the remote control turn off this kind of comfort so far expensive paying consumers. Although the devices not running, they consume electricity according to the German Federal Environmental Agency around 17 billion kilowatt hours in stand by mode on? Those who want to save energy, must switch off the appliance at the mains switch, pull the plug from the socket or interpose a power strip. Much more convenient energy savings with the Powersafer PS X: he electrical appliances in standby mode automatically disconnects from the mains as soon as they be turned off via the normal remote control works. Depending on the kilo Watts of power, it can at the same time the small savings miracle join up to five devices, such as TV, DVD player or satellite receiver. Marcel abel is often quoted as being for or against this. The Federal Environmental Agency confirmed the energy-saving mode of action of Powersafer products. Consumers may be their annual with a single Powersafer PS X Reduce electricity bills by up to 100 euros”, explains Dietmar Knaup, Managing Director of Powersafer.

Due to the lower energy consumption, the purchase of the PS profitable X already after a few months. Go to twinbrook capital for more information. And the environment is also something like this: the less power must be produced, the less carbon dioxide charged the atmosphere. Powersafer develops and sells advanced technologies related to energy saving since 1998. Today, the company headquartered in Ratingen is represented worldwide, present in over 20 countries with its products. Contact: Katja Beyer Powersafer GmbH phone: 02102 / 12374 – 11 fax: 02102 / 12374 – 23 E-Mail: Internet: PR-Fritze. Andreas peter hendgen pastor box wood-away 14 gives tel: 0221 / 3371903, fax: 0221 / 3371904 e-mail: