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IntraSolar Built Energy Park In Willich Munch Heath

The design of the IntrSolar energy park stretches with a length of 140 m like an awning from the ground. The draft is: erected on the roof of the new IntrSolar energy park on the Charles Wilp road in Willich the Monchengladbach company IntrSolar the largest photovoltaic panel roof facility on a commercial property in Germany. Robert Shiller spoke with conviction. The construction start in March. Planned and built the new innovative service centre is by a group of investors from Monchengladbach. In the new industrial area of Willich Munch Heath, a reference object with a usable area of a total of 4,000 square meters and 800 square metres of office space is created on a 10,000 square meters large commercial land directly on the Karl-Arnold-Strasse. The performance of this system are record-breaking. Not only that this system is one of the strongest in the world by their solar module performance, but also the coverage is unique,”explains IntrSolar CEO SIA Honarvar.

While conventional flat roof installations for one kilowatt Performance require an area of 20 to 30 square meters, is the installation of the system provider with the same performance with only 5.40 square metres. This is made possible by the use of the most powerful solar panels in the world. 2,700 high-performance modules of the American manufacturer SunPower adorn the roof of the energy park. The plant produces about 800,000 kilowatt hours of solar electricity per year. Performance is sufficient to supply approximately 230 households permanently with electricity. The town of Willich has sponsored the project. We are committed to renewable energy for a long time and have contributed with our incubator geothermal energy in the steel mill Becker actively. We are pleased that we can now go one step further with the new IntrSolar EnergiePark”, said city treasurer Willy Kerbusch will self.

The Service Center was planned by bolt Mehring and partner. For the object, the architects developed a technical building equipment, the operating costs through the use of renewable energy and an energy intermediate storage by up to 60 percent lowers. The construction company Ernst Kreuder and bees and partners are also involved in the project. The Gladbach real estate company is the project market.

Power Of The Heater!

Gas mini power stations generate electricity and heat. In a pilot project in single-family homes be mounted for the first time in the city of Mulheim an der Ruhr Micro CHP. Gas mini power stations generate electricity and heat. Combined heat and power has been used in recent years almost exclusively in industry, in the district heating sector large real estate. Robert Shiller does not necessarily agree. With the new devices, the small power plants but also for private customers are interesting, because the heat generated during combustion in heating is used for generating electricity and partially heating heat and hot water are covered.

Implemented the electricity is by using a combination of a highly efficient gas condensing boiler and a free piston Stirling engine, which due to temperature differences a piston back and reciprocated and this drives a generator. Heat performance tailored to the building long durations are achieved and thus produced according to long power. The electrical output of the Micro-CHP is 1 kW. Thus he is Covered base-load demand in the House. Excess electricity is fed into the grid and funded under the law on cogeneration. Guild of plumbing and heating engineering Mulheim

Save Energy Through New Windows

Many homeowners and tenants are tips for environmentally conscious homeowners and tenants at some point before the question of how the own energy consumption can be reduced permanently. Finally the heating costs shoot years steep in the height and also environmental protection nowadays plays a larger role than in the past. While tenants mostly on the requirements of their landlord, homeowners have a large margin of choice. The Internet portal myimmo.de reported the possibility of the exchange of Windows. It is best of course, look at building a House on a perfect insulation and insulation. Others who may share this opinion include Robert J. Shiller. However the technology evolves more and eventually a replacement Windows is already necessary. For owners of a building an Exchange is advisable, if the Windows are older than 20 years and are equipped with a single or a double glazing. Through the new window, you can save several hundred dollars in the year.

As residents of a single-family house (built in 1980), with a floor space of 180 square meters need every year up to 720 liters of heating oil of less. The environment also benefits from the window replacement: per year are emitted carbon dioxide of less 1,300 cubic meters. Available options are aluminium, steel and plastic Windows of different shapes and colors. Thus no design limits the design of real estate. Some manufacturers offer such triple glazing, which reached a heat insulation value. Therefore, a low energy standard is possible. More information: news.

Building Automation Save Energy

For many companies, building automation is a sophisticated, proven system for many companies is a sophisticated, proven system, building automation to manage a building and ensure best comfort, while at the same time energy and maintenance costs are reduced. Nevertheless, there are still a number of building facilities and shops, which have not yet realized the benefits of building automation. Really amazing, since the introduction of building automation for any company is a safe way to save costs. Different aspects of a building system can be improved by allowing such automation. Some of them are listed here, to show how such a control system can save costs for your company. Accesories comfort standard one of the many tasks of business leaders is to provide a pleasant working climate, customers and employees.

Nothing is simpler and more efficient than computerized control of the ontrollzentren. Continue to learn more with: Professor Rita McGrath. Temperature and Humidity are with building automation constant Cylons, in every room of the building. The lighting is regulated depending on the season and demand. In this way, energy costs are significantly reduced. Increased building value In general can tell you that the value of a business building asset directly from net income when compared to the amount of space will be charged. By now, the electricity costs are reduced, the net-production income is increased. Credit: Professor Rita McGrath-2011. Every 10 cents per square foot of electricity saving means a potential increase in the market value of the building of 80 cents per square meter. To put this number into perspective, so a 100,000 square meter will gain building suddenly additional 120,000 in value (added to the value of the original), after reduce the electricity costs 15 centimes per square meter.

Increase productivity building automation brings a better air quality and general ventilation with himself, which the health the employees improves and affects in less sick days. Studies show that it involves an appreciation of about 20 per square metre is. Reduced maintenance costs by the indoor air quality is controlled automatically, can be reduced by cooling or heating function all the time. Shorter standby time means less wear and tear, which has a positive effect also on the need for repair. Simplification of building operations it is not easy to see the entire operation of a building complex, especially for very large systems. Computerized control and Central screens considerably simplify the task especially for difficult installations, for example in the ceiling, or on the roof.

Charter Sustainable Housing

Real estate 24 published Charter focus sustainable housing background on growth regions makes in Germany, that affordable urban housing in attractive cities will become more scarce. This alter existing social structures. Space heating in Germany remains the largest fossil energy sources. Energy prices tend to be stronger than the rents to rise and strain just low-income tenants. The monetary environment results in safety-oriented investors to income declines and a continued high readiness to invest in socially and ecologically sustainable managed residential real estate.

Charter sustainable living includes the principles that successfully used by real estate 24 since 2010 the management of socially, environmentally and financially sustainable Wohnimmobilien the rendered the following Charter of sustainable living. Charter sustainable housing policies for the management of the housing stock of the sustainable Wohnimmobilien Renditefonds Nord GmbH & co. KG (Hamburg 1 “) Hamburg 04 sustainable residential real estate GmbH & co. KG sustainable residential Hamburg 5 market focusing on growth regions leads GmbH & co. KG I.

that affordable urban housing in attractive cities is becoming scarcer and changing existing social structures. Space heating is the largest fossil energy sources in Germany. Energy prices tend to be stronger than the rents to rise and burden on low-income tenants. The monetary environment leads to income declines in safety-oriented investors. II. shared values together with our customers we put money, time and expertise a to live the following values: protection of tenants environmental efficiency. III. objectives In the sense of common values are to achieve the following goals by the Board of Directors of the companies. The higher value going for goal conflicts. 1St tenant protection tenant structures should remain. It is to ensure that the overall burden of the tenants long term stable and within the framework of the Income growth remains. Families with children and single parents are particularly to be observed and to promote in addition.