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Facade cladding panels FsK Klinker constructively combine the two main compositional elements: the base and heater. As the cladding material, which is the foundation panel, with the use clinker tiles manufactured at the plant Ammonit Keramik (Germany) on the basis of certain types of clays that undergo a special cleaning cycle and heat treatment. Insulation also serves as no similar for thermal and sound insulation properties of polyurethane foam – a synthetic material, which features many times greater than such popular types of building insulation, as mineral wool or polystyrene. Application as a heater Foam possible to achieve excellent performance insulation: thermal front thermopanels is only 0.025 Vt/m2_S. For the production of facing facade thermopanels applied polyurethane foam a special composition that best meets the requirements for this type of building material, including the requirements for the level of fire safety: front thermopanels FsK Klinker have a flammability class G-1. In facade thermopanels FsK Klinker is possible to use ceramic tiles of several varieties: smooth, “under a brick” texture “under a brick,” with simulated masonry “under a stone, glazed tiles,” under a brick, “etc. All produced by the panels have the same standard size 1130h645h80 mm.

The magnitude of the maximum tolerance for the difference in the size of the panel does not exceed 2 mm. The weight of each thermopanels FsK Klinker is only 17 kg, but because facade is not requires a mix of work on strengthening the foundation by building a thermopanels an additional reason. Needless to say, that due to this is a substantial savings? Facing the Facade thermopanels mounted directly to the outer surface of the wall, using a special mounting screws, dowels or “screws”, and then made grouting. Invaluable useful performance characteristics, which is endowed with front system is a peculiar ability to “breathe”, ie be permeable for gaseous substances (including ambient air and atmospheric water vapor). At the same time, it is moisture in the liquid state (rain and melted snow water, condensate, etc.). The presence of this property causes a multiple increase in the duration of operation of the building.

The time required for the installation of facades from thermopanels, significantly reduced by applying the method of interfacing of the “groove-ridge”, which eliminates the need for additional gluing tiles and enhances the bond strength of decorative clay base and foam insulation. The entire perimeter of the panel is the same grip, its value is estimated at more than 0.3 MPa. Another remarkable feature of the facade cladding thermopanels FsK Klinker – their absolute neutral in the ecological sense. Both the clinker, and polyurethane foam is chemically and biologically neutral: they do not emit into the atmosphere of any harmful substances was not moldy, do not rot, do not contain nutritional basis for the fungi and microbes, not charged with static electricity and have the expense of all this increased durability and resistance to aging. Besides facing facade thermopanels FsK Klinker is a diffusion-open stuff, so can be used on any kind of reason without the necessary facilities for the vents on the back side.