Safari Africa

Over the years the African continent has been the destination for hunting. The great variety of species of this rich and wild terrain, have attracted a host of eager hunters eager to know untamed territories, amazing landscapes and some of the most beautiful animals on Earth. Botswana is one of the countries with more hunting in Africa, South of the continent, is one of the sweet tooth for lovers of hunting and perfect destination for hunting elephant, with the possibility of getting the mythical trophies of 100 pounds of elephant hunting takes place at footprint which consists of early and move around the points that the elephant could have been looking for fresh footprints of adult males. According to experts in the field, the prices for practicing hunting in Botswana can range between 6,000 and 30,000 euros, depending on the comforts of which is intended to enjoy and the objectives you have. We must not forget that the elephant hunting is regulated in Botswana, to practice required in addition of the respective documentation hunting license: hunters Americans: form 4457. European hunters: Copy of the Guide’s rifles. To be Johannesburg airport of entry and where to fill the SAP 520 also printed a copy of the passport, photo size scanned passport, copy of the Guide’s rifles.

Hunting season: from the beginning of April to end of September. Recommended for large elephant date is April and may. The Hunter not only will enjoy incredible days of hunting, but also the charm of its people, that leave an indelible in his memory. Other destinations on the African continent range from forests of Benin and Cameroon, to the Great Plains of Tanzania and Zambia, rivers in Zimbabwe and Mozambique, Botswana and South Africa, Savannah without forgetting semi-desert zones in Namibia. Hunting in the area of the Okavango and the incomparable landscapes of the area of the swamps make this destination a favorite for hunters of Safari Africa call awaits you!.