American Fast Food

But be careful: what smells so delicious, often emerges as common calorie bomb. Summer, Sun, sunshine, nothing is more relaxing than lazy to lie on the beach to drink cocktails and snack on the holiday buffet the belly to deal fully. If you book all inclusive, can treat yourself at any time by the culinary delights. Hearty meat, hearty noodles and sweet desserts the sight of local dishes and attracts to the recurring and seduces quickly mostly above-average consumption. But be careful: what smells so delicious, often emerges as common calorie bomb. According to the forsa society for social research and statistical analysis, 47% of tourists increase during the recovery time between 2 to 5 pounds.

Who wants to waive such rather unpleasant holiday memories, can make sure with a few tricks to gourmet being there on the ground does not become the character case. The feast of local delicacies is indispensable for most tourists in the holiday country winner calories. Typical culinary arts want to be learned and enjoyed. When thoughtless pleasure, a large number of calories on the energy account comes here quickly. While the Goose foie gras with some 448 kcal per 100 g in France is a delicious top sin, the Bavarian dumplings with approximately 200 to 400 kcal per 100 g as well to the Huftgold hiking.

Who indulges in Italy of spaghetti Carbonara eaten whopping 675 kcal per serving. Marylyn still reflected the Spanish paella with lots of meat, their serving brings proud 750 kcal with. Recently Nobel Laureate sought to clarify these questions. The classic British breakfast the whole thing puts on the Crown: toast, sausage, egg and Bacon go with 800 kcal per serving. The Trinity of sins comes from Turkey and is called Baklava. The puff pastry with syrup betraufelte brings about 970 kcal on the scale. Finger away from the American Fast Food: French fries, burgers and breaded meat are notoriously not figure friendly and include the calorie bombs par excellence.