And I think, then, that this real “collapse” expressive, that is, insertion of new words, the deliberate displacement of the syntax, the rules, the introduction of colloquial elements, and even the use of playfulness, among other resources, represent a formal shield that aims to silence, a symbolic silencing refers, paradoxically, to reality. And is the voice of the world seems to be replaced for it to burst, then the other voice, which is hidden under a veil of pain, self-absorption: “This land will hear in your silence / how we are gaining all / the rent of the world where we let / and the value of the bread endless. / “(1). In Vallejo’s personal story can be found, perhaps, possible interpretations of that feeling of foreignness, of radical exclusion through his work, his condition could allude mestizo, the situation of exile in the land, the insidious and gradual elimination of a culture – was the son of Chimu mother – but I choose to disregard any speculative work to stick to what the text allowed to slide as reading, as construction linked to a universe that voice stowed secret.

I wonder, then, if that warp whose complexity seems to drive us out of a space alien, inscrutable – perhaps the lost territory, a homeland intimate unrecoverable but intact in the word – not, perhaps, a secret to be preserved in the body of the poem, that which is saved in the highest of intimacy, a gift unprecedented, incomprehensible, that the text keeps to herself, for her voice. And that secret, Trilce leaves – I repeat – cracks, opening sensitive areas that are peeling is silenced veiled body pain – that pop – and in these small, fleeting folds is where it seems not only focus but also hold the shaft core of the work: the search for meaning, being in the world, absences, love and death are some of the issues that have clearly revealed that scream in agony, flesh, the poem: “I dined alone now, and I have not had / mother, or prayer, or help yourself or water , / or father in the offertory of the corn facundo / ask for delay / image for more sound clips. / “(2) To conclude, I venture to infer that the area is touched by what is dear, this universe so treasured as hidden, protected to shame – lost, hiding out, perhaps, the initial key that allows us to delve in geography vital human Trilce.