Apartment Designs

You have decided to test their strength and themselves took up design apartment. However, this is not an easy task, because apart from the aesthetic qualities of the interior must carry a features such as warmth and comfort. And it means that everything must be in its place and used as intended: the switch located so that it can be easily found by going into a dark room, shower fitted at a height such that until it could reach, without falling into the bathroom and the shelves that you constantly in use, hung so as not to have to constantly expose chair. In addition, in any interior, plays an essential role properly chosen colors. A color palette to choose a home, Guided by the taste, habits and age of people living there.

For instance, the temperamental young family can afford to make a modern interior in the style of Pop Art, which uses bright, saturated colors. However, the family, where there are elderly people's can not live in such an environment. Older people more typical of the interiors with a more soothing color scheme and not too contrasting. If you do not take into account that, at best, find shelter, where it will not be comfortable for a long time, and at worst – to earn a neurosis. Just the color of the interior depends on the purpose of the room. For example, in children, from the dull solid colors should be abandoned, as indeed, from overly bright, capable of causing emotional fatigue of the child.