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Jorge Saint Guerreiro

When I small age, was in the church of I am Jorge in the center of Rio De Janeiro and I came across myself with an immense image of almost 2 meters with a knight on of a white horse and had a natural astonishment, therefore the image seems real estate. Since then I had an absurd passion for this saint and started to study its origin, history, devotion to the Christianity, its love the God and the Jesus Christ. All the times that I catch myself in some situation of I bother, with some personal problem I go in this church and I pray sufficiently, looking at fixed in the eyes of the image and asking for advice, so that it opens to my illuminates me mind to make the correct thing to guide or me to find the solution certain of the problem. In house I have a small image of Are Jorge and I always pray its powerful conjunct and I always feel strong and happy more. To some years behind I had a serious problem and I asked for it who showed to way certain it to me showed to me, sailing for the Internet I verified that it did not have nothing regarding the warlike saint and created the first site in homage Are Jorge, as it was a gratuitous site, with the time company that housed removed it of air, more was satisfied for site to have had some repercussion, appeared in television and had substance in periodical Carioca, this not was more important, what more she matters is that now I could again to recolocar site in air and now of form definitive, with lodging proper, where I can express my love and gratitude to this saint that today became cult, pop, more than for me it is that saint that I knew when child and that she dedicated to its life the love of God and its son Jesus Christ and did not have fear of the death. In case that they want to know this humble site in homage Are Jorge is alone to enter in and know its history, all the known conjuncts and the origin of its flag and which countries where it is venerated. It saves Jorge!

Property Taxes

Equally to the majority of the present auditorium to the room of cinema in this end of week, I confess that also I cried. I cried very, at some moments of the film. This is one of those films that can change the route of our lives. Reencontro of mother and son (Andres Luiz) in the Plan is emotive Spiritual; clear demonstration of what this sublime love, perhaps the expression next to the love that the Christ taught in them, can carry through. It is of arrepiar the moment where the family congregated in return of the piano relembra the preferred music of Andres Luiz, while there present it to everything attended and if he moved. Difficult to contain the tears. Each stage of the film touches our feelings deeply.

Each one special tax its tears in directly proportional reason to its moment of life, souvenirs and experiences that had characterized our current existence. Impressive! Only the chance to attend the film to the side of my son of 12 years and power to clarify its doubts and its questionings, as the film followed its course. Although he has been overwhelming to see Andres Luiz in that tenebrous and dark plain, repleta of beings in suffering state, as he is rewarding, on the other hand, the certainty of that the life continues for all we. if the sowing the harvest is free is certain. The certainty of that we are all responsible ones for our acts and that we harvest accurately what we plant.