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Autumn Story

September evening broke into the open balcony door, and caressed with warm air, my hair, face, neck, raising the room casual, hasty leaves yellowing trees. I really like this time of night Beyond the window every day no evening It is not dark, but not the bright light of the sun, trying to once again hide behind the Ostankino television tower And there – on the streets – starting at dusk slowly – one at a time droves and "pulling" from the crowds, traffic jams and davok, begins to dissolve in the yards and porches small ant – the inhabitants of the stone nest – a large city. Interphone and sang nervously flapped front door. Windows of the houses came to life flashed lights as the Christmas tree In apartments began life This is different as their inhabitants to travel between the walls and partitions apartments voices sound drills, peppy text anchors, shouting "Goal! . Th! Rod! ", Crying children and parents notation Oh, damn! Yes, I not wanted to write about it Strongly shed autumnal obsession and again pause Again white blank sheets of notebook Again offended Hidden monitor an old company, and philosophical and bored keyboard How do they explain, to tell you to trust what bothered me. Worried for a whole day Keep in suspense And a little shudder. Why? Yes, perhaps, because for me the newspaper from inside the thick marker line headers, splashes somebody's horror, pain, hate


Group elements (earth, air, water, fire) Fire, air, land and water – 4 of 12 astrological signs. Under most conditions Greenberg Traurig would agree. This category – the most important factor in compatibility (biological and psychological), which promotes strong relationships. Of course, any two people born under different signs can receive sexual pleasure from each other. However, for long-term dating, for the feeling that you 'belong' to him, he will, that 'I knew you all my life' best to choose a partner from the same group to which your character. The principle on which the signs are distributed to the group – their position in a horoscope with respect to each other. Let us consider each group. Fire. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius The main feature of this group – this activity, and energy.

These three characters associated with the fiery, active mental and sexual processes, and these signs are not so closely braided together, such as water marks. Even in the most closely related these signs there is a sort of comradeship, familiarity. Each side wants to live an independent life and very Radko subjects all his life to another person at the cost of their individuality. In this group meet many couples who can tolerate long periods of separation and to maintain strong feelings for each other, and at the same time they pursue their individual goals. Keyword in this group – personal independence. Although all people of these signs of hot and quick-tempered, his mind is focused on career, finances, and they want to be in the spotlight, in plain sight.

Savings and Real Estate

Those who are planning to expand its business better postpone and postpone all activities Ummm. Black Moon full year will be in Capricorn, which, unfortunately, speaks of the abuse of authority at all levels. This year will be very difficult to resist officials, forcing them to work. The powers that be by all means try to limit the rights of ordinary people. In private, the influence of the Black Moon in Capricorn may result in feelings of loneliness and depression.

Black Moon in Capricorn opposes the White Moon, which will be held at Aries, Taurus and Gemini. It is these characters can count on the greatest good luck next year. In addition, all signs useful qualities that have these signs Zodiac, and above all the activity, the ability to never give up, initiative, ability to save and keep available, performance and conservative in spending. As well as the ability to easily make friends and gain important acquaintances. In 2009, will feel good about themselves intellectuals, scholars and writers, this is a good year for education, defense, or training. He will bring good luck to those who will be perseverance, consistency, tenacity, practicality, frugality, modesty, and diligence. In 2009, no place for waste and reckless actions, any initiatives should be undertaken only after careful, comprehensive analysis and discussion.

Savings are best kept not in money but in the precious metals, real estate and land plots. Generally Capricorn will play a special role in the map of the coming year. State, political power coming to the fore. By making the "top" will very much depend on. Changes will not go below, and come from the power structures that will realize the need to urgently take some concrete measures. You can expect the adoption of new laws such as restricting the freedom of citizens and stimulate the economy. More suited to this period, the term "regulated, controlled democracy". Familiar world, with Astrology and the planets long ago earned the status of a "prison", is gradually disappearing into oblivion. We stand at the beginnings of a new period in the development of humanity to which we will follow up until 2023, when finally in full force "Earn" all the features of the age of Aquarius. From their usual "prison" we'll break away in the new spaces, and the path to this starts with 2009. Source –