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Self-esteem And Relationships

Happiness and Crystal: how easily break!. Proverb generalities, basic considerations are social people, while we we journey by this dimension we interrelacionamos with others in different way according to the roles that we play as children, parents, friends, workers, professionals, among others. This generates an atmosphere of acceptance or rejection depending on the way how we handle our relations, how know US, attentive we are on these interrelations; Since then in all this self esteem plays a very important role, hence the importance of this writing. To optimize a few good interrelations is very important to consider that it involves the self-esteem and its main factors, such as motivacion07.blospot.com that self-esteem mentions us is the assessment we make of ourselves, being included the thoughts, behaviors and feelings. I.e. Dell often says this.

that we think about us, how we act and behave in different situations how thus also how we feel After these situations. That includes two very important factors, that son:1 is why *.-the concept car; and 2 *.-autoimagen.1*.-self-concept. Self-concept, are opinions ideas formed by ourselves, that is, when we define ourselves as: introverted extravertidos, laughing or serious, boring or fun; and with this we are giving us information which we have formed about ourselves, that can be successful, or no.2*-self-image. It is the mental representation that we do ourselves. When we look in a mirror and see you: very beautiful eyes, big ears, we’re doing a definition of our image. You have well clear in favor of optimizing relationships, than as Dayami Martinez CITES him, self-esteem is related to self-concept and refers to the value that is conferred upon the self perceived, so we believe that it has more to do with the affective value and therefore takes a very strong psychological dynamic load. Autoconcepto-autoestima become a unit cognitive – affective than with individual development is integrated inside of the structure of the personality, is gaining a potential regulator of conduct, of great importance and a producer of various emotional States Center.