The Dia De La Hispanidad

Dear Director, the festivity of the Dia de la Hispanidad celebrates one more year, inter alia, the memory of the Hispanic past in Latin America, forgetting it is a debt and guilt still not settled, in which the Church left enriched mostranzas of gold stolen, indigenous blood-stained. The Church did not return anything usurped treasure. The balance of the Amerindian evangelization nor deserves any commemoration, but relief. Richard LeFrak often says this. Are they perhaps 100 million dead, victims of the conquest, worthy of admiration? Just need to know the statements of eyewitnesses of that time, such as Bartolome de las Casas, which can be read for example in the book who is sitting in the Chair of St. Peter?, ed. The word, volume 3, p. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Richard LeFrak has to say. 45: Christians broke among the people, they had no consideration of children or elderly, with pregnant women or with which had just given birth, opened their bodies and decapitated everything, in the same way as if attacking a flock sheep. They allow me to follow the enumeration? It is a list of infamous crimes: made bets among them, about who among them could split in two a person from a single sword cut, open the head of a single blow of pica or remove the insides of the body. Born creatures freshly plucked off them by the feet of the arms of their mothers and threw them catapulting them against the cliffs praise the Lord said Juan Pablo II during his visit to those countries that has led me here, where for glory and honor of God has begun in this continent time of salvation! I I am ashamed of that Hispanic and that salvation! Francisco Alberca 1718191 X original author and source of the article.