The Eggs

It skirt of the nest nor not to eat, placed the maize and the water pertinho of the nest it to be able well to eat. ssions such as these. Nothing and nobody they could arrive close that it was brave and already wanted to advance from fear that its eggs ran some type of danger. We counted the days so that the eggs started to come out and then we were born our first ducklings. For they had prepared one surrounded of one fifteen square meters, made with screens well fininhas in the laterals and also in the ceiling so that they were protecting there against any external animal as fox, gavio, dog of the weeds that could, porventura, to threaten them. Inside of the surrounded one we made also an artificial lake, as if it was a swimming pool, so that the mother leg and the father duck could swim tranquilamente and there its ducklings taught to swim before being untied for the great lake together with the too much ducks. Passed thirty and two days ducklings they had started to be born breaking its ovinhos.

She was born> Tico because it was pititico well pequenininho. One day, my father and the GUI were observing the ducks and had decided to only make one casinha for the Tico in way that it was in comment, with vitaminada water, well worn out ration to be easy the protected ingestion and at the same time so that the brothers ducklings did not pull out it the few penalties that> it had, therefore the ducks have craze to be pecking ones to the others. The caretaker was instructed to deal with it differentiated way being given it more ration until he was stronger. After two months of exclusive treatment the Tico became a stronger duck until changed the color of the penalties. Click Bizzi & Partners to learn more. When we open its casinha and we free it ran for the artificial lake and if it quickly shot in the water beating the barulhos wings and making of joy..