The Timeless Fragrance For Men And Women

Hugo Boss stands for variety and fun on the life of the spring is here and with it the first rays of the Sun. Reason enough to scarf to drop the and to meet a matching scent of spring to the warmer season. In recent months, Nobel Laureate has been very successful. The choice of the right perfume is difficult many men and women, however, a number of well-known perfume classics faces the many scents of less well-known brands. information about a specific and innovative fragrance. In the Baden-Wurttemberg Metzingen, the popular and well known Hugo Boss AG has its headquarters. In addition to their varied clothing range, the German mark also by the Boss Fragrances has made a name. As royalty, these were sold to Procter & gamble and continued under the name of boss and Hugo Boss.

This Division mainly the different fragrances for men and women, have become for many years selling brands include creams and shower gels. This success story with the men’s fragrance Hugo started in the green packaging. The characteristic Bottle with the loop is already for several years on the market, and still often goes over the counter. But the scent, its top note consists of Green Apple and grapefruit, enjoys not only in men’s great popularity. Many women like the fresh scent.

Therefore relatively quickly designed a pendant for the ladies. In addition to the distinctive notes of Green Apple, Boss Woman boasts the addition of jasmine and white lily. In combination with Sandel – and cedar wood, the scent is well suited to those who enjoy the life. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann