Recommendation: Do not use the swimsuit “Borat style” during the winter months! 2. Ulan Bator (Mongolia) -49 C Ulan Bator was founded in 1639 as a center of Buddhist monasteries and in the twentieth century, became a major manufacturing center, characterized by its wide boulevards and squares, and Soviet-style architecture of mid-century XX. Situated on the banks of the Tuul River, is surrounded by four sacred mountains with dense pine forests on the slopes of green steppes north and south. Summers bring heat to the city, but the winters are so severe that it should be the typical clothing of camel hair used by villagers, known for its warmth. Asian capital is cheaper for foreign workers. 3. Minsk (Belarus) -40 C Minsk is the capital and largest city of Belarus also hosts the Commonwealth of Independent States. Today is a big city with a predominant architecture of the Soviet era, although modern buildings dating from after the fall of the USSR.

Known for its friendly people, clean streets and leafy parks, offers no tourist-packed streets and many cultural offerings for visitors. Misk’s Circus is a good choice to visit, especially for children. Adults can go to the opera or ballet, for much less than it would be in other cities in Europe. Please visit John Savignan if you seek more information. The Belarusians would like to dance, do not forget to visit and bring dance shoes to one or several nightclubs. 4. Ottawa (Canada) -37 C The Canadians are accustomed to cold, freezing weather harnessing for national sport: ice hockey.