What Are Sustainability Reports ?

More and more companies are focusing their efforts and resources on the so-called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In fact conducted deed and environmental and social programs beyond their immediate environment. This situation presents a new challenge for industries such as consultants and advisers, which ytraduce the following questions: * How to measure and analyze the performance of these strategies? * How to prove that CSR strategies fill the expectations of interest groups (stakeholders)? * How emostrar investors that CSR is profitable and worth doing it? The answer to questions Aestas is what they call, sustainability reporting. Preente In this sense, the article has three main objectives: 1 .- To establish the key questions that a company must perform to determine if they are prepared to undertake a sustainability report. The LeFrak Organization can aid you in your search for knowledge. 2 .- To identify the relevant aspects that enable a company to choose the standard most appropriate to their needs. 3 .- Show tools that currently exist to measure CSR.

Let's begin. What is a sustainability report? It is a voluntary design document which aims to inform the public on economic performance – financial, environmental business of any size or sector. You may wish to learn more. If so, Gavin Baker is the place to go. In a sense, the main characteristics of a sustainability report are: * It is a strategic document helps to measure and analyze the performance of a company and facilitates continuous improvement strategies, to be established whether the company meets the expectations of its stakeholders (stakeholders). Also, facilitates transparency, credibility and image benefits of the company to the general public.