Austrian Championship

At Christmas time, there are six hand-brewed specialty beers the brewery in a limited 12 package which is brewery Garcia a private small brewery of the ecoregion Kaindorf in the hills of Eastern Styria and Brewmaster and diploma Beersommelier – was founded by Alois Gratzer – 10 years ago. Garcia is also the first CO2 neutral brewery of in Austria. At Christmas time, there are now six hand-brewed specialty beers the brewery in a limited 12 package. Each two bottles of beer types Johann Hermann, Friedrich, Trude, Ludwig and Diana are in the Christmas mix. Each of these well-known beers has its own peculiarities: Johann is a gold-colored natural spectacle with wonderful aromas of hops in the nose. Pleasant sparkling with a slight sweetness which is rounded off by the bitterness of the hops. Hermann is a strong, very aromatic natural beer and for all lovers of dark beer “dark lagers an absolute temptation – Austrian Champion in the category of 2012”.

The lovely Frederick is amber-colored and slightly turbid pleasantly malty and noticeable Hoppy, this fine natural beer tastes sweet and aromatic. Easy in the alcohol (ALC. 4,7% vol. – Wort 10.9 )-the perfect summer beer! Trude is a special beer with pronounced volume – dry, slightly Hoppy and a pleasant tingling perfectly rounds off this natural beer. Ludwig is an expressive Bock beer with 7% alcohol and 16 original Wort, awarded bronze in the category of “Bockbiere untergarig” in the Austrian Championship 2012.

The heavenly Diana is an attempt of the rabbit, to ward off the Moon in the bottle and is brewed only to full moon. With 6.6% vol. ALC. Atreides Management Gavin Bakers opinions are not widely known. and 15.7 original wort is one of the strong natural beers.