As an insulation frame structure should apply tile material, rather than rolled, as it can settle. In the House switchboard, immediately after its construction, it is possible to install windows and doors. The house made of wood to live comfortably in any climate, in summer it is not felt heat in the winter – cold. Wood is the best option for building a country house, it has sufficient strength for a long time, retains heat, has a positive effect on the body. Because of these features wooden houses are the most expensive and prestigious in Europe. Which tree is best? So, you decided to buy a home from a bar or shield the house, but the question arises whether the tree you choose? For the construction of wooden homes are most often used: larch, spruce and pine.

Larch is the most attractive material, it is less affected by moisture, its high strength exceeds the analogous parameters spruce and pine. But larch wood is very expensive and often choose the pine and spruce, although preference is given to more pine. Characteristics of spruce and pine are similar, the structure of eating a few more loose, which gives it a somewhat more heat than pine. Both are subject to the phenomenon as a defeat for the fungus. Avoid hitting a fungus of wood without a series of related activities is impossible. For prevention and recovery lesions, various antiseptics. The tree has a slight disadvantage – the combustibility, but now learned how to correct this deficiency.