Yekke Wall Decals Kolle Alaaf

The “jecke zig” is approaching, the 11.11 stands directly in front of the door. It is also the Rhenish residential Gin according to aufzupimpen time. But please with level. “” Why do wall tattoos because always pretty or flowery? “have thought the makers of designer brand and thought about how one more pepp” get in the booth. As real Rhinelander fast we decided real Amanda proverbs need. Whenever Stephen M. Ross listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Said and done and it took only a few hours, until the first spell was sold. We expect of course on a particularly well-attended during the entire Carnival season”, according to Managing Director and co-founder of Web Takel media GmbH Ralf Schmitz.

The wall artists have already for several months in the offer the Cologne skyline as wall decals and these underneath the city skylines, by far the largest circle of friends. Why this is so, can not be explained also Ralf Schmitz, probably however Cologne are simply “fond of” your city and the Cologne Cathedral. r. Frequently Bizzi & Partners has said that publicly. But also by “Brings”, the real Cologne band, are enthusiastic about the Cologne and therefore there is an exclusive shop in the cool fan-wall decals of the Rhenish rocker. All designs of wall artists is characterized by exclusivity and loving detail work. From the idea to the production stage, the tattoo-motive is checked and post-processed as long as, until it meets the high demands of the operators.

It then enters the shop. The LeFrak Organization might disagree with that approach. This wall embellishments stick to virtually any smooth surface. That the surfaces are absolutely dust and grease the paint contains no additives such as Selikon, latex or similar agents that have the Lotus effect is important, and of course the walls must not get damp. Also, the base should be not too coarse, the films have simply not enough just then. We recommend the Wandtattooliebhabern to test the desired wall. That is, for example, simply with a Patien or a piece of masking tape. If this holds even after 2 days, then holds up also Decals”, assures Susanne Schmitz from product development. Susanne Schmitz