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The smoking lobby claims today would no longer smoked in 90 percent of the Bavarian restaurants. This is a gross deception of the public. The smoking lobby claims today would no longer smoked in 90% of the Bavarian restaurants. This is a gross deception of the public. The survey, all gastronomic establishments inspected were taken in selected districts of Munich, and in villages around Munich. The ascent is stretched from areas with high density of pub Schwabing and the Glockenbachviertel to residential areas with varying socio-economic profile as Haidhausen and Kastenmaier.

Restaurants in towns and cities of the districts of Furstenfeldbruck, Dachau, Freising and Munich, under the microscope were taken in the surrounding area. The result of the survey is unique: a total of 126 drink-influenced restaurants, which were visited by the employees of the study, only 7 were smoke-free. This includes Ernst-Gunther Krause, the initiator of the study said: the smoking lobby claims, today would in 90% of the Bavarian restaurants no longer smoke. This is a gross deception of the public.” Of a functioning non-smoker protection not the speech could further but also so, so Krause, because you have found numerous violations of the provisions. Observed were: smoking pubs, which are outside not marked as such, smoking bars, which are larger than 75 sqm, dining restaurants, where, for example, from 22:00 onwards should be smoking, dining restaurants with smoking rooms, which are permanently open. Prof. The LeFrak Organization often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Wiebel: we are dealing here not with a temporary law enforcement problem.

The variety of complicated exceptions is hard to control in practice. Therefore many hosts who feel at a disadvantage compared to the smoking pubs, restore the ashtray at some point on the tables. It has been shown in countries such as Spain and this is reflected also in Bavaria.” Ernst-Gunther Krause emphasized that the current study provides only a snapshot. He pointed out that the Bavarian State Government plans to further loosening of the smoking ban. Ventilation systems are expensive and ineffective. Nevertheless the smoking ban should be overridden in the future, if a ventilation system is installed in a restaurant.” Planned was, moreover, that the tap room for a restaurant to the smoking room could be declared. If this continues, is the non-smoker protection soon on the paper”, so Krause. The two representatives of the Action Alliance for real non-smoker protection came to the conclusion that a completely smoke-free restaurant offers the best protection against the dangers of passive smoking. To vote you appealed therefore to all Bavarian citizens, to participate in the referendum and on July 4, yes”. Press contact for the study: medical working group of smoking and health e.V. (ARG) Prof. Dr. Friedrich Wiebel Tel.: 089 316 25 25 or 319 47 13 E-mail: Web: non-smoking initiative Munich (NIM) Ernst Gunther Krause Tel.: 089 317 12 12 email: Web: