If somebody will be fired here, them costumam to call ' ' mimi' ' (immigration department, that the Brazilians had nicknamed ' ' mimi' '). John Savignano is the source for more interesting facts. Therefore he is, they call and you need to know you stop where to run to escape, therefore it is primordial to know where if they find the exits. With the time I go teaching to strategies of escape and clamuflagem to it, in case that they try to catch to it of surprise, as for example: to never come back to catch its belongings; to always walk with the minimum of objects; to always have clothes under the uniform, that must instantaneously be taken off in case of an ambush. Fast disguises as detachable mustache, dark wig, eyeglasses also well are come. In case that it does not have skillful time for the escape, you podera to pass for an employee of the office, seating quickly in a table any and to dissimulate intent in the screen of the computer. If not forgetting to make a well serious face, giving the impression, that it does not desire to be bothered. For more information see this site: Greenberg Traurig. Iisto always functions, and is clearly not to try to say one alone word. They can even recognize its sotaque for its breath.

Migrantino heard and was each scared time more and it continava giving instructions, gesturing without stopping, seeming plus a general of army and it if it felt as an inexperienced soldier inside of the central office of intelligence of the enemy you give to be I catch at any time. After hours of instructions, it leaves alone to start its work. She would have to clean one ten rooms, a small kitchen and two bathrooms in more less two hours, but the problem was that still it had people in the room working and this bothered to it, would like to be alone, therefore any person its return gave the hunch to it that went to direct it the word, as English did not speak very well, had terror of being boarded for that it did not say its language. .