HIV Virus

Many CHOICES that we must make day-by-day in ours, and many exist times we commit the serious error to choose WORSE. We choose in them to lock in ours ‘ ‘ mundo’ ‘ not to love, isolating us of ‘ ‘ mundo’ ‘ exterior. We are static ahead of CROSSROADS that arrest in them, taking off us the direction sense. We lose the direction of the life and we ask in them: ‘ ‘ what to make now? ‘ ‘ We do not have answers and, without thinking, we take decisions wrong. Great losses start to join for the way. then, the time passes, and with it a deep interior insatisfao becomes an implacable and non-separable disaffection. We forget that ‘ ‘ God in grants to each day a page to them of new life in the book of the time. What to place in it, runs for ours conta’ ‘ (unknown author).

For this reason, we have that to have very well-taken care of in our choices, therefore on them our FUTURE depends all. It is clearly that nor always we make certain choices, this is natural of the human being, but it has choices that they are so perceivable, that does not have as to make a mistake. Certain time I heard a young lady to speak that she was repented very for not having given heard the ADVICE of its mother, and that for this reason, it lived deeply difficult and overwhelming moments. How many adolescent and young they engravidam before the time and form nothing conventional, attracting for itself RESULTED fatal of its DECISIONS. How many people, exactly being warned for propagandas, advice and etc., are contracting the AIDS, virus HIV.

In December of 2005, I was to Rio De Janeiro, and knew that a great friend mine and its wife, were interned with virus HIV, to the side of the death. Days later them had died. What I knew was that it contracted the virus and passed to it. Wrong choices can lead to the death, to the physical death, spiritual, sentimental, personal and economic. It has alive people, however deceased. They had lost the direction of the life. ‘ ‘ The life knock down can you, but you can choose if she goes to raise or not of novo’ ‘ (unknown author). This is the true one felt of the life: to arise itself whenever to fall; to come back behind in wrong DECISIONS whenever it can. When it will not be able, to behave as somebody that works hard for not making a mistake more, exactly knowing that always it will commit other errors and it will make wrong choices. At last, to act with dignity and moral, that is the genuine paper of GREAT MEN and MULHERES’ ‘ (Rogrio Branches). Desire to them success and much happiness. They receive a fort, warm and respectful I hug of this friend, Rogrio poet Branches, the writer of the freedom?