According to the group of zircon, the involvement of the Russians in the practice of 'third sector' is still very small. Last year, the charities involved only from 3 to 10% of respondents, but the people who deliver charitable assistance to an individual, substantially more – about 40%. This discrepancy, according to the authors of the study, due to the fact that the vast majority of people believe that the charity – their personal case, and they have no need of assistance of any institution. Different in Russia and the construction of donations. If the U.S. multi-million dollar charitable duties on 80% of the 10-dollar donations from ordinary citizens, we have, according to caf (An international organization that evaluates the state of philanthropy in different countries), 77% of the money donated legal entities, and only 14% – normal people.

Nevertheless, the charity in Russia gradually becomes the new philosophy, one might say, even fashion trends. Dozens of large organizations for these purposes in 2008 have already spent 14 billion rubles – nearly three times more than in the past. Virtually all Russian oligarchs from the first hundred 'Forbes' got its own funds, although do not advertise it. At the moment, in the context of the ongoing economic crisis, according to many experts, philanthropy will undergo a series and the emergence of new donors, it seems unlikely. Problems emerge and existing companies. Severity of some of them can be reduced amendments and additions to the draft Concept of Development Assistance charity and volunteerism in the Russian Federation.