Rent Insurance

Protection from rental nomaden & rental betruegern? Due to many requests here are a few basic things about loss insurance. Here blog posts and Forum ranging comments from “Capital increase of the insurance companies” “Total bullshit”. Rare but not the authors of these statements call then the loudest, when such a low blow rips a hole in your own retirement savings. The fact is that around EUR 2.2 billion damage as a result of rental scammers or so-called ‘rent nomads’ arise. It remains an owner of real estate up to, whether he wants to hedge against this risk. As always in life, one should sober compare the offer of the supplier.

There are providers who want to establish a brand name on the market with a lot of expensive advertising and ‘refinance investment by hidden extra costs of insurance’. There are also providers that work transparently and have an honest insurance product in the range. Overall a low annual, it should be a real estate owner Insurance premium be worth to protect ‘House and home’ before the safe loss in this situation. Come on, we’re talking monthly contribution from 4.57. Each tooth to replacement insurance costs more than twice as much. And healthy teeth are still probably at least as important as a healthy home. See also: of rent flat M.Gold