Cossack Forces

"His lectures and posts were always interesting, but fair, always smooth attitude has earned a great love of cadets "- recalled the witnesses. And in 1912, at age 33, Dutov was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel, "that by then been considered supernatural. " To continue a military career, in fact if the situation in 1912 Dutova had to depart in one of the Cossack regiments, and within a year commanding a hundred. Alexander Ilyich newly arrived in , diligently carries a service with the regiment repeatedly happens in Chuguyev and environs, where were the cavalry charges, maneuvers and exercises. It was at this time is given by us above document brilliantly characterizes the young commander. By the way, this characteristic is not unique.

Per year of service in Dutov repeatedly celebrated as an exemplary officer in all respects. At the first world war teacher Orenburg Cossack School Dutov volunteered. On the Rumanian front, he formed and led the infantry battalion, which has caused a stir during the fighting on the Prut River, where he was wounded twice and suffered a concussion, temporarily lost his vision and hearing. After recovering back in operation, commanded by native 1-m Orenburg Cossack regiment, took part in bloody battles, covering the retreat of the Romanian Army. After the February Revolution, Alexander I., who enjoyed enormous prestige among the Cossacks, successively elected chairman of the All-Russian Union of Cossack Forces, a member of the Constituent Assembly, the chairman of the government troop and military chieftain of the Orenburg Cossack troops. .