Plucked Acoustic Guitar

Interview with Thomas Kuchler, bassist of the band \”Planet Moon\” the Cologne musician Thomas Kuchler answered questions about career, career, achievements and failures. Question: Which of your songs like best? \”\” Reply: possibly strangers \”, shrinking brain\” question: why is that? \”Answer: possibly strangers\” combines the charm of plucked acoustic guitar in the verse with an anthemic pop chorus, has a powerful momentum for me. If you are not convinced, visit expert on growth strategy. Shrinking brain\”describes the predicament of anyone who attempts to determine his life rationally and naturally and secretly still must follow his feelings in a funky Groove. Question: When did you recognize that you are musically? \”Answer: with about eight years ago, I was visiting with a friendly family and got to within a few days, to accompany a piece of swing pretty sure the timing on the drums, later I could listen from classical pieces such as the Moldova after some times, for example,\” the Hear voices of the various instruments and sing along. \”I can however certainly say that I me already then my musicality\” was aware it was fun just me. Question: Who was your musical style as a child? \”Answer: I found super Reinhard Mey and the intensity of Alexandra’s\” voice loved.

The complexity and the meshing of different sounds and melodies in classical works have fascinated me. \”It was then later ABBA\” and later Depeche Mode \”, the me inspire a pretty mixed blend so could question: you remember favorite songs from your childhood? Answer: Yes, some. Question: Who were they? \”\” \”\” Reply: swinging Safari \”, my friend the tree is dead,\” the clouds \”, the Symphony from the new world\” and several others. I notice that the typical rebel pieces from this period do not occur, not only musical, it was probably more a time of harmony search. Question: To what extent These songs influenced your music taste today? Answer: All of these pieces or plants have feelings and images in me, my moods have accompanied and showed me so that music can be a language, which also completely without a Word work, which can be also my way of expression, when even the words or words were not the appropriate means of expression.