Floor Alignment

How to align the floor? The basic method of leveling the floor with plywood – alignment on the sleepers. Before you begin, you must: complete all the rest of the walls and ceiling, disconnected from the premises; dry all the wood elements, clean all the garbage, to create the optimum climate conditions (> 8 degrees Celsius and the first thing we should do – fit the plywood under the premises. What are the pitfalls are, at this stage? "When you spread out sheets of plywood, pre raskroennye into squares, it is important not to forget free to leave 10 mm between the sheets of plywood and 15-20 mm at the wall (the sheets should fit snugly against the wall). It is also important not to allow the joint four stitches in one location and number the resulting lists. After that we proceed to saw cut the plywood. There are three important things: sawing must first across the grain, then along; better to reduce the size of the squares to about 60 cm (which has a positive impact on the ventilation rate, which determines life); check the status after the end of the cut – there are no bundles. You can then proceed to install lag (supporting wooden planks).

Once you have measured the level of equality with the "water level", should start installing themselves lags. The distance between them should be about 0.5 meters, and they must be laid across the light beams, or along the space (if it is a corridor). Uneven surfaces can be aligned with the bosses, scraps linoleum, and then fasten them with anchors (tentatively, of course, once convinced of the flatness of the resulting design). Then make additional hardwood floors, turning the floor into a kind of wooden lattice, which then trail plywood sheets. Impregnated plywood sheets should not touch each other. They are attached with screws to a wooden lattice, every 50-100 cm flat floor – Proud. Of course, to align the floor at his home by force is not for everybody, but nothing difficult in technical terms there. In addition, you can now intelligently monitor the work of your job, if you still decide that it would be more wisely – to attract professionals. Remember, flat surface – this is important, because with him you will live a long time.