Dark, red or gray granite – a more suitable option, but protection from dirt will not hurt him as well. Marble countertops give your kitchen a truly luxurious appearance, but they are good only if most of the time you intend to eat intermediates. Regular homemade food related all with the same acidic foods, prolonged exposure to destroy the marble. However, there are protective compounds for the stone in the kitchen, however, they must apply regularly. The most suitable option for the same again becomes granite countertops: beautiful, reliable, safe and minimum maintenance. Sills are usually decorative, and therefore less exposed to chemical pollution. That's only when watering and fertilizing indoor plants do not forget to immediately wipe spilled water.

But once the window sill so easy, choose whichever you finishing stone, Guided only by his taste and physical facilities. KomnatyPrirodny stone in the room – it's portals for fireplaces, balusters and banisters in multi-storey cottages, coffee tables and all sorts of decorations. Since they are only a small mechanical stress, make them from almost all kinds of natural stone. Statuettes and vases of marble or onyx give the accommodation and sophistication closer to the classical style interior. Caring for them is incredibly simple – to periodically wipe the dust from articles with a dry soft cloth. The floors in the rooms can be smooth, they look especially good in the spacious halls.

Since all the dirt from the street along with the shoes still in the corridor for recreational facilities can afford to light the marble floor. Well, like, and everything: nothing complex here. It seems that we have considered all the interior details made from natural stone. However, starting on the journey home, we almost forgot that fall into the hallway from the porch. modern fashion, the owners of private homes or cottages are increasingly being used to process input natural stone. In some years he served, others regret the decision. As a rule, the latest victims of a wrong choice of stone or improper installation. What you should know about the materials for lining porch? Firstly, the fact that marble for these purposes is not appropriate. Autumn rainfall and humidity are replaced by winter frosts, and the water freezes in the pores of the stone, gradually destroying it. And in the spring and summer, spoiling the look of marble, small stones, metallic heels and heels of shoes. Granite is more resistant and makes the whims of weather and mechanical effects, but for the steps necessary to choose relief tiles: Polished in the cold turns into a skating rink, and rolled in over ice sand just scratch the smooth surface. Knowing now all these subtleties, you can easily choose natural stone for interior of your house or apartment. And if you have doubts about the correctness of some ideas for interior design, contact the manufacturer of products from natural stone. They will give more complete information, advise the means by which to protect and care is better to use, as well as competently perform all work on facing rooms. Article courtesy of "CAM"