Internet Marketing Consultant

As we all know, Bill Gates is the richest man in the world and rightly should have in their marketing consultants committee the best in the world. By the way also Millonarios. About seven years ago, Bill Gates requested a meeting at his house with these geniuses of Marketing to discuss a topic of one of their companies ( This brand has become the strongest and most successful in the field of e-mail with millions of active accounts. The question that Bill Gates did this morning the consultants was: How to Achieve faster than any working person an email account? The answer was: The Viral Marketing. Viral Marketing includes any strategy that encourages individuals to transmit an advertisement to others, creating the conditions for the exponential growth in exposure and influence of the message.

Like viruses, such strategies take advantage of the speed of propagation of recipients for the message to reach thousands or millions of recipients. The classic example of viral marketing is and strategy It was simple: 1. Email addresses free distribution and services. 2. Include in each message sent via Hotmail reading "Get your private, free email at You? 3. Stay on the lookout while service users send emails to their network of friends and acquaintances.

4. These are the message, and 5. open their own free email accounts, and 6. They return to start the cycle Hotmail service broadcasting in a wider network than the first. I invite you to think virally, it analyzes the thing or that products can become a viral marketing such as a viral book (you can give and ask others to give it away). Carlos Andres Gallego – Internet Marketing Consultant – USA You can try a concept very creative viral marketing campaigns, where anyone can show ads on other Web pages without investing anything, without spending a dime using this technique I use Bill Gate, Viral Marketing. You can see the video that explains it all: – Free Book "How to Build A Website That Sell."