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House Car

If you hurry to convert an asset into cash to deal with an unforeseen event, you probably have to sell it at a reduced price. That can happen to many people who earn jewels as security for the future. If prestige jewelry purchased them at a home when you want to sell them, you may need to do so at discounted prices. Another feature of the assets is that they can be, (or represent) in reality, hidden liabilities. The classic example of Kiyosaki is the House room, your own House. As you’ve probably bought it with your personal needs in mind, if you want to sell it it is possible that you have to do with a discount.

You’ve not chosen with the purpose of selling it later, so that might have no commercial value that you think. Professor Rita McGrath gathered all the information. The car of the House is another example of asset that actually represents a liability. Taxes, maintenance, fuels and lubricants and the depreciation made an investment of dubious profitability of car. Clear that images come in the minds of the majority of people what you’ll look like when you see driving a great car, (in many societies car is better index your social and economic level, so many people making excessive financial efforts to represent the best, the highest, level possible). The best thing about the car is to make accounts. Typically it’s best to purchase a model of o3 2 years old, in very good mechanical condition (here requires expert Council), and sell it two years later. But this general rule may change depending on the country and the specific car, so should be analysed carefully.

Now Yes. What are active producers of income? -Because that precisely. Goods that produce a cash flow. There are many. Typical examples: the real estate that can be rented. A land, a building, a commercial property.

Real Estate Sales

In a small agency for the sale of real estate sales are very badly in spite of the announced prize – to the best of the four managers promised "Cadillac". Although fighting still could not get, nobody beats the Ricky Roma clever (Pacino), but even he complains that in its suburbs, they have long okuchili all potential customers. Big brass displeased, and came from the head office manager (Baldwin) gave a brutal staff whipping, threatening dismissal. To save space, the agents have a week to sell anything. As Generation P (not yet a book) should be put under all the copywriters, and "99 francs" – all advertisers and PR, since "Glengarry Glen Ross "- film, mandatory viewing for all office vendors, no matter what they sell – real estate, heavy equipment, or paper. Why film Foley was previously known in Russia as "Americans", of course. Come he ten years earlier, he would have gladly rolled into the Soviet Union as an example of the decay of capitalism. Already a monologue from Baldwin's hair stand on end, because clearly understand why the U.S.

– the richest country in the world. And because Played fine. Lemmon, Spacey, Paci but Harris – everything here is great. This is a real master-class acting. But the text of David Mamet, author of the play and the script can be pulled apart by quotation. Disc with the movie: Age, of course, effect, but the picture makes a very good impression.

Clear, very contrasting and bright, you can blame except in the presence of "noise", but even he is not so strong. As many as four audio tracks. Both Russian – with interpretation, but different. In the DD 5.1 is written the author's translation of Yuri Serbin, full of profanity, and it leaves a feeling of brute force, and in stereo we propose a more "decent" option. Still there is a subtitle which correspond exactly to the text, so you can watch a movie in the original, especially since there is DTS. But there is a big "but." DTS-sounding better than the other tracks, but the differences are minimal. The film has scenes with rain, and even in They do not have a hint of volume – in the rear can be heard only a subtle background, and all three multi-track most similar to conventional stereo. The menu is animated and accompanied by a beautiful jazz song. In an interview with additions Jack Lemmon, a small piece of the recital by Kevin Spacey, as well as two documentaries. All this is translated simultaneously.