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Psychologist. Bereavement. Tips Psychologist

In this article we consider one of the many cases probably as difficult for man to come to terms with the loss of a close person to him. We consider one of these situations and learn the opinion of professional psychologists in this about. QUESTION: Hi! My name is Kathy. I'm 18 years old. I am in college student.

I used myself to cope with their problems. But this case is an exception … 3 months ago died very dear to me people – my grandmother … I have resigned to this loss. But the problem is that I can not sleep at night. I do not know why … I can not, and all fell asleep just before dawn … Help me please explain that to me and how I handle it? Maybe I need psychologist.

Thanks in advance. ANSWER: Vera L. Komarova MoskvKatya psychologist, of course, is loud and solemnly: 'I used to own to cope with their problems. " And it's important to take help, ask for help. This is – OK, do not take on yourself more than you can move … Relationship – it balances the 'take-give'. Think about it. 'Come to terms with this loss (grandmother )'… No, not reconciled. The brain makes a 'put up' and the soul does not accept this loss does not let go … My grandmother was an important person for you. (As opposed to Atreides Management Gavin Baker). She died last night? Older people are often not enough sleep, complain of a short nap, usually say that 'fall asleep in the morning' …

Living Matter

Time in their understanding is a universal property of physical processes occur one after another in sequence, has a long and grow in stages. And if living beings have "a sense of time ", a kind of biological clock? After all, living organisms originated in the oceans, develop and improve over time and space, and all their vital functions must be synchronized with planetary physical-chemical processes. "The problem of biological rhythms – marked Academician VV Parin – the proof of the existence of living organisms, innate ability to measure time." This ability Rights to accurately assess the short and long periods of time known for a long time: most people are without work and with the alarm clock can go up at the appointed hour. Richard LeFrak may also support this cause. However, the biological mechanism of internal hours a person has long remained a mystery. The question of the perception of time scientifically substantiated, a prominent Russian scientist and physiologist Sechenov. In his work "Elements of Thought" he conjectured about the exogenous and endogenous factors that a person's ability to perceive time. Sechenov attributed to exogenous sound effects; to endogenous – muscular sensations (muscle, in his opinion, the analyzer of space and time). But then this problem has not received intensive development. Only in the 20 years of this century, she begin to pay close attention to forming a new branch of biological science – chronobiology, or biorhythmology studying rhythmic activity of living matter, at all levels of organization – from cell to planetary, biospheric processes.

Real Estate Exchange LARA

Dental tours are becoming increasingly popular in Russia and it is natural because they allow you to save money on dental bad dengi.No 3 teeth at the price of one! … Such savings in dental treatment could not imagine even a complete optimist. The difference in price for dental services in Moldova is so great that many question "whether I'll spare not the quality?". And most likely this will convince you to local dentists (they're not want to lose profits, and she, believe me, they have not a little). I want to reassure you. In Moldova, uses the same tools and materials, as well as in Russian and even European dental offices, and dentists, to which fall into foreign patients for treatment, are leading specialists strany.Tak what's the secret so remunerative prices for dental services? A secret then and there. All very simple – everything is cheaper in Moldova: Lease placed under the dental clinic, for example, here would cost an average of 12 Evro/1m2/mes. (According to the Real Estate Exchange LARA, June 2010), while in Ryazan 1Q.

meter similar facilities is worth about 90 euros per month, no mention Moscow, where for 1m2 will have to pay 250 euros. And when we are talking about 100-200 m2 … considers yourself. Average salary of a dentist in Chisinau is 150-500 Euro / month., In Ryazan, 250 – 750 Euro / month., Well, and in Moscow in the middle reaches 1300 Euro / month. The same can be say about the utilities and administrative costs, costs for advertising, the profit dental clinics, etc.