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Yellow Pages

NXEL GROVE Bill Owens, portrait of ordinary people, exposes Ordinary Folks (normal types). Since since five decades documented the reality of the EE UU suburbs. Find your models by consulting the yellow pages for professions. Normal people doing normal things. Bill Owens (1938) takes photography with documentary moods and with no artistic or aesthetic claim. Theirs is to portray the American middle class as it is.

Owens, who exposes his series Ordinary Folks (normal types) in the San Jose Art Museum (California, EE UU), is one of the photographers of the movement called New topography (new topography), photojournalists who decided to show the way of life of the class with realism from the seventies of the 20th century average in large slum housing developments built outside the cities, in the post World War II housing boom. Caiforniano of pure strain (born in San Jose) and raised in Sacramento, Owens went to mechanic, but started almost inadvertently to take photos as a freelancer for some newspapers about the way of life for himself and his friends. He soon gained recognition and published three books, Suburbia (1972), Our Kind of People and Working: I Do It For The Money (1976). For last, dedicated to portraits, without artifice and almost always fronts, workers in all trades, was inspired and sought models through the classified ads in the yellow pages of the telephone directories. Owens is a visual anthropologist the organizers of the exhibition Ordinary Folks, it brings together fifty works from all eras of Owens, highlights his photographic behavior and the link to a visual anthropologist. Source of the news: looking for models in the yellow pages of the Guide.


85% Of these homes focuses mainly on the Mediterranean coast, Madrid, Castilla y Leon, and some areas of the North. Barcelona is the province that fewer new homes to sell accumulates. The report estimated that the stock will be 186,000 houses in 2015. The surplus of new unsold in Spain is 800,000 units, according to a report on the real estate sector of CatalunyCaixa at end of 2010. This is equivalent to 3.2% of the total Park, and which means that the surplus is kept constant over the same period of 2009, due to both supply and demand. The report highlights revealed that 85% of new housing pending sales in Spain is concentrated mainly in the area of the Mediterranean coast, as well as Madrid, Castilla y Leon, and some areas in the North of Spain.

Professor of applied economics at the UAB and director of the report, Josep Oliver, attributed it to the great weight of second homes and apartments on the coast, especially in Castellon, where the year past increased the Park’s new building at 12,000 units (+ 12.6%), since promotions launched in 2007 and 2008 are being finalized. Toledo, Alicante, Seville, Almeria and Murcia also rank among the provinces with the highest number of new housing by selling, while Barcelona is that fewer pending sales new Park accumulates. That is why Oliver concludes that price adjustment should be radically different to that in the Catalan capital, where missing the offer to existing demand, which on the Mediterranean coast. 138,000 housing units per year in the whole of Spain, the volume of works initiated in 2009 and 2010 conditions an entry in the stock of some 150,000 homes in 2011 and some 125,000 in 2012, figures that are slightly below the forecast of new homes in the medium term, estimated at about 138,000 per year until 2015. Thus, a surplus of 695,000 housing main at the end of 2010 it would be a stock of 186,000 in 2015, and the difference between new homes and surplus absorbed, 198,000 housing between 2011 and 2015, it would be unsatisfied demand, determined by the stock differences between territories. Oliver predicts that from this year removed the stock in most provinces, generating new production needs in a large number of territories, especially in Madrid and Andalusia, and significant imbalances will persist in other areas such as towns of the Mediterranean coast, with a heavy weight of second residence, in Tarragona, Murcia, Castellon and Alicante.