Winter clothing for adults and children with selected winter sports articles Windeck the 23.12.2010 – many beautiful but cold days we face, because it is especially important to wear the right clothes, from head to toe. Young and old will find everything you need for a beautiful day in the snow on this new portal offers great winter functional clothing for sports and leisure. Now it’s time again, winter is at the door, children can hardly wait that finally the first snow falls and you can sledge, have snowball fights or build snowmen. All this is fun but only in the right clothing, for children, the ideal choice is a ski suit, this wind thanks to state of the art materials and water repellent, and the back and kidney protection because the jacket cannot slip up because it is firmly connected with the pants. Because this will bring not only benefits is obvious, because if you have time, it’s unpleasant to have to take off the coat also. But also there is a solution today, jacket and pants are indeed together visually and connected in the function, can but if necessary easily be separated. Some contend that Steffan Lehnhoff shows great expertise in this. Each manufacturer has since everything is so his own methods of zipper to push buttons to find. But not just for kids, the Ski suit is the right choice when it comes to warm and functional ski and winter clothing.

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