Legalezatsiya Foreign Labor

Foreign labor in the Russian Federation. Proper registration of a foreign citizen to work Today the question of legalization of foreign labor in Russia is very serious, because the violation of the rules of registration of foreigners to work (Regardless of whether it is the CIS or CIS countries) entails administrative responsibility on the employer in the first place. The magnitude of these fines up to 800 000 thousand rubles for each of involved, and administrative responsibility applies regardless of whether you are an individual entrepreneur or legal entity, but a few penalties that the Administrative Code provides: – from 350 000 to 800 000 thousand rubles for the assumption foreign national to work without a work permit – from 350 000 to 800 000 thousand for non-notification of attracting foreign citizen to work – from 350 000 to 800 000 thousand rubles for not disarming migration registration of foreign citizens. It should be remembered that liability arises in respect of each foreign national citizen! What should an employer know when receiving a foreign citizen to work? 1. Foreign national may be to take a job only if he has a work permit, 2. After the conclusion of fixed-term contract, the employer agrees to a 3 day period to file notice to the appropriate authorities (FMS TSZN, IFTS) 3. Just for dismissal of the foreign citizen, regardless of the reason as to send in 3 days notice of termination of employment contract, 4. If the employer has implemented a prolongation of the registration of foreign citizen in your address (for migration registration), the employer shall within a period not exceeding 2 days from the disposal of a foreign citizen, to make withdrawals from his account of the migration (to pass to the FMS registration).

Regulations: 1. Federal Law of 25.07.2002 N 115-FZ "On legal status of foreigners in the Russian Federation '2. Order from 28.06.2010, 147 "On approval of rules FEEDS employer or customer of works (services) USING In order to work FOREIGN CITIZENS AND (OR), stateless persons, arrived in the Russian Federation in order not requiring a visa, and a work permit '3. Federal Law N 109-FZ 'On Migration registration of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship 'Source: