Marco Ventre & Band – Yearning Was Yesterday

First of all: A lapidares “now sings the even” is in this case totally out of place. The verbal poison arrow can remain as equal in the quiver. Simply because he would shoot over to the reality. Marco Ventre sings: “again” and not “even”. But later, because at the beginning is always the beginning of the story.

It was mid-70’s, on the shores of Lake Zurich as the man who today presents the Carinthians local news in public television, she as a good-humoured morning presenter on the radio from the springs, as son of a Carinthian and a southern Italian was born. An Alpe-Adria-baby, which celebrated its first two birthdays in federal diapers. Capisco! Italian temperament, the musical soul of the Karntners, the perseverance of the Swiss. For more specific information, check out adverum. Attributes that have shaped the boys already in the early years of life. It evaluates a type who knows what he wants and what he wants, usually also achieved in the zodiac sign of Taurus. At least like and he makes no half measures. From the beach of Lake Zurich, Marco Ventre is soon pulled on the shore of Gail (Carinthia) and also that is, like so many things in the life of the Karntners, for complexity, runs but the Gailtal Valley almost to the geological fault line from West to East and is the border between South and North. For Italy, it is just a stone’s throw.

In winter you can ski down the slopes to Italy and Slovenia. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Clayton Morris. In this triangle, the boy grows up. He is interested in music. His attractive appearance makes it ideal for… > find much more information about Marco Ventre, in our Portal Web link: hits/marco-ventre-a-band longing was gestern.