Small Town

ATMs are very important in small town life. If in the big city to find the desired atm is quite simple, in a small district town it becomes a real challenge. one of these cities became City Birch, which is located in the southern part of Belarus. We needed a commercial bank, or rather its ATMs in the city of Birch, a fairly large pot. But in this city for some reason was only one of its atm and then technical reasons it was closed because it was Sunday department of financial institutions have also been closed. Ultimately, the money had to shoot with the commission at an atm of another bank. The amount of commission has been very significant because to cash out the entire salary to buy a lcd tv. That’s where you want to transfer huge hello to my distinguished leadership to the firm that forced switch to a plastic card. And it’s very unfortunate that so dear and a big bank can not put in nearly 100 thousand population is another atm to avoid the inconvenience of their customers. Fellow bankers to take care not only about themselves, but also about individuals serviced by your bank! Otherwise, with this attitude, you will be without customers.