Apartment Evaluation

Why then need an estimate apartment? The objectives for which customers turn to evaluating companies, are quite different. The most popular and frequent – mortgage lending. Is that the main consumer of such an assessment is a bank, which must submit an evaluation report as specified in Article 8 of the FL-135 of 29.07.1998 "On appraisal activities in the Russian Federation." In addition to the above-mentioned goals give more common: An Introduction to inheritance. According to paragraph 18 of Art. 217 of the Tax Code are exempt from taxation on personal income tax revenue in cash and in kind, received from individuals only by inheritance, except for fees paid to the heirs (Successors) of authors of scientific, literary, artistic, as well as discoveries, inventions and industrial designs. When placing an inheritance to pay a state fee or notarial fee for the issuance of certificate of inheritance.

According to the AP. 22 Section 1, Art. 333.24 of the Tax Code stamp duty will be 0.3% for the heirs of the first stage, 0.6% – the other heirs, the market value of the apartment. Purchase transaction – the sale (for sale). Assessment of the apartment is made to confirm the value and its visual obosnovaniya.Strahovanie (such as property insurance). Depending on the installation of the risks of the proposed insured by the Insurance Company, which includes structural elements, interior design, engineering equipment, personal property, a special group of property, liability, insurance rates vary. The main point – the amount insurance premium is determined based on market value kvartiry.Sdacha for rent. Credit: Nobel Laureate in Economics-2011. The landlord wants to make sure that the apartment market rate rents.

Appraisal company clearly substantiates ee.Razdel property. In connection with the that is physically impossible to divide the apartment into two equal parts, is determined by the market value of apartments and movable .. companies talk about how to search for the evaluation of the company. The first version, use the reference – the most common reference is the Internet. After reading the first ten links you can already draw a conclusion about the cost. The second option, the recommendation: friends, or banks. Latest often provide a list of trusted companies that make an assessment and proposed apartments. A third option includes: search reviews about the companies, searching for information about services to specialized resources, etc. Thus here we have included absolutely everything, that does not belong in the first two options. After compiling the list of potential companies to their ping. Be sure to be interested than the cost of work, timelines and possible ways of payment. In a few companies, including us, the price evaluation included a package of additional services, allowing you a more detailed overview of the procedure and the outcome rezultatom.Podgotovka documents, depending on the purpose of assessing flat documents may vary slightly. Minimum documents: Certificate of state registration of rights or a contract of sale / Donation / transfer of share ownership in the flats, and others (with registration); cadastral passport apartment or explication and a floor plan of BTI, the customer copy of the passport of (for the conclusion of the Treaty of compensated rendering appraisal services). If the assessment is made for the bank it is desirable to provide the following documents: Statement of Uniform state register of real estate rights and transactions; Passport to the apartment; Characteristics residential premises (Form 7) Certificate of Registration (Form 9). The only requirement that is set to a package of documents provided copies should be made in good quality, there should be no problems with reading them from the evaluators.